Notable Alumnus Profiled: Paul Singh Grewal JD'96

Paul Singh Grewal is Vice President and Deputy General Counsel at Facebook Inc., where he leads the company’s global litigation team

Before joining Facebook earlier this year, Paul served as United States Magistrate Judge for the Northern District of California. He was appointed by Chief Justice Roberts to the Magistrate Judges Education Committee of the Federal Judicial Center. Before his appointment to the bench, Paul was a partner at Day Casebeer LLP (later merged with Howrey LLP), where he served on the firm's management committee and his practice was focused on intellectual property litigation. Paul has tried cases from Marshall, Texas to Wilmington, Delaware, and has argued before various federal appellate courts. Paul served as a law clerk to Federal Circuit Judge Arthur J. Gajarsa and United States District Judge Sam H. Bell. He received his JD from the University of Chicago Law School and his SB from MIT.

Who was your favorite professor, and why?

Judge Frank Easterbrook. I barely survived his Securities class, but I got in the habit of reading his opinions. I spent much of my time on the federal bench trying to be a fraction of the writer that he is.

Was there a particularly memorable class at Chicago, and why?

Patents with Kenneth Dam. This was the mid-1990’s; no one saw what IP litigation was about to become. We had maybe 8 people, and I’m fairly certain the other seven were planning never to say the word patent again.

How has your Chicago education contributed to your career?
People generally assume I know how to think—rightly or wrongly.

Do you have an interesting story about your time as a student at Chicago?

Whenever my law school classmates pushed me to the breaking point, I’d seek refuge in Crear, the science library.

When you were a student at Chicago, is this the life and career you had anticipated -- if not, what is different?

Just getting to Chicago to study law was more than I ever anticipated. Being able to practice what I learned there, while raising great kids with my wife—has been a dream.


Thank you to Ahsan Shaikh JD'05 for this interview


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